Modification wish list for KTM Duke 390- Part 2: The windshield

Been long since my I posted on the modification wish list. As mentioned before regarding the windshield, I’ve changed it with additional enforcement, let’s get started.

IMG_20170211_120013-01Yes, this is the windshield of Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS which I managed to purchase after half hour of pursuing the in-charge at the Bajaj services centre. During that period the Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS windshield was short on supply and was only available at two places in Pune. The second location was far and it was too much to go all the way and get it. So I purchased the windshield from the closest dealer and managed to convince him I was in dire need of the same.

I purchased the part for 200 INR and went back. Days passed as the wind shield was gathering dust in the balcony of my house, procrastination, yes!! Days turned to a month and was getting threats of condemning my unused bike parts, balcony aka mini garage, aka store room. So one day I gathered all my wits and set out to execute the task.

Now if you observe the first image, you can see that the holes provided on the windshield do not match with that for KTM Duke 390.This time around I decided to keep the windshield as high as possible and started with marking process to create mounting holes that will correspond with ones provided on the bike. Made four holes and modified them as per need to orient the windshield along the centre. So far everything was going as planned but, now the problem was that the mountings of the previous windshield, the nuts (well nuts) having rubber sleeves were damaged and rendered unusable.

The hunt for the well nuts began, they were unavailable at any of the KTM spare parts store. So called the head mechanic and asked for an alternative, he recommended using the Bajaj Pulsar rubber nut and screw which I did. They did slide in the mount but were long and smaller in diameter. I installed the windshield but as expected it did not hold up in that position and would dangle towards the rider when going anything above 20km/h. The whole exercise was a waste!! Now there were two reasons for this to happen, one being that the mounting well nuts were not built for this design and second, over all weight of the windshield was high.


One of the reasons for delayed posting is because I have decided to do the changes, test them road worthy and post them.

Getting back to the windshield, so as there was a problem there had to be a solution. As demonstrated in the image, stabilizing rods were fabricated and mounted it in the fixtures of the hand guard. Tested the mod and concluded the design. As expected the windshield did what it was designed to do. There is little vibration felt on the grips, I think using rubber sleeves in between the front mounting nut and bolts should solve the vibration problem.


Over all the new windshield is betters than previous however it does not go with the design flow, and not as appealing to the eyes. The windshield should be perfect after the front end is increased in height with fork extensions and 19-inch spokes wheel.


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