Modification wish list for KTM Duke 390- Part 2: The windshield


The first problem that I would like to discuss  was the oncoming wind blast experienced while moving above 108km/hr. Now I do like the oncoming wind and how it make you feel; the reason I wanted to decrease the wind blast was because it generated a lot of drag generated.

While riding, wind is continuously hitting the bike as well as the rider generating resistance, resulting in extra work done by the bike in turn reducing the traveling speed. The resistance (drag) created is directly proportional to the speed of the vehicle and wind speed. The concept is simple and straight forward, there is no need for further explanation. Apart from on coming wind, the wind from on coming heavy vehicles was also a problem.

Like I said before, the company fitted windshield is absolutely ineffectual. There was an urgency to resolve the problem.

The main function of a windshield is to allow smooth escapement of the oncoming wind to reduced drag. The other reason to consider installation of windshield was to improve riding comfort.

I went through many suggestions for windshield and I evaluated them under multiple requirements. Three main factors were the cost, ease of installation and appearance. Many windshields were available from the local dealers to international dealers. I was looking for something that was cheap and did not look out-of-place when installed on the bike. I will not discuss the various available options but only the measures that I took to resolve the problem suited for my condition.

After doing the market and online research, the wind shield of Yamaha Fazer fit my requirements and was the most appealing piece of plastic that would go with the flow of the bike. 

The windshield didn’t cost over 270 Indian Rupees (3.99$), good quality without any fabrication defects and was sufficiently rigid.


The windshield is of a different company bike needless to say that the mounting will need some alterations to fit the KTM Duke 390.

  1. Company fitted number plate and windshield assembly was removed from its mounting.
  2. Windshield of Yamaha Fazer was hand held on the same place of the previous assembly.
  3. The level at which the windshield was to be positioned was determined and non required part was marked and cut with a hacksaw (the bottom pointed end). Care should be take to position the windshield straight.
  4. The position was rechecked, the lower part was cut because it was coming over the headlamp glass.
  5. The mounting holes were viewed through the windshield and corresponding positions were marked. If holes are made at this position they do not correspond with the holes on the bike.
  6. The markings achieved visually should be used as reference and new markings are made 6-7 mm outward and holes are made by drill machine.
  7. Screws are inserted through the windshield holes and checked. If further lateral displacement of holes are needed they are done with the help of round hand file.
  8. The Allen screws are tightened and the windshield is installed.


All the bikes I have seen have mounted the windshield without cutting the excess which made the position of the windshield much higher. I did not like the way it looked and lowering the windshield by a few millimeter didn’t affect the desired result.

The number plate mounting does not fit on the new setup so I just got stickers made for the registration number and stuck it on the windshield.

Its a personal choice whether to reinforce the windshield or leave it to its fate.

After installation of the windshield I faced no problem, except for loosening of Allen screws and mild manageable vibration. I have not reinforced the windshield and not planning to.

The windshield of Bajaj Pulsar 200AS is another alternative which I would be trying in near future.



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