Modification wish list for KTM Duke 390- Part 1

The bike has crossed 12,000 kilometers (km) till now and I have been having tremendous amount of fun. The screaming wind blowing on the highway with eyes watering and heart racing speeds, cornering the curves up and down the hills, sliding on the off-roads and throwing dirt. The bike is absolutely fantastic and its worth every penny spent to own the KTM Duke 390.

However, not all things are perfect and there is always a scope for improvement. My use of bike comprises of commuting in city and tours involving highways, mountains and forest trails. My objective was to make the beast versatile and comfortable irrespective of the terrain. I wanted the bike to be comfortable without having to stop frequently and also to bounce on the off-road condition without hesitation.

The bike in stock setup



I will cover the modifications in parts and discuss the limitations I came up with and subsequently update on the changes I did to make it self compatible.

  1.  In my previous post I had discussed some of the problems faced in the initial days and also mentioned the problem with the seat. The seat is too hard and not comfortable for long touring. I always felt the need to stop to allow my bottom to cope.
  2. There was a lot of wind blast while moving above 108km/hr, the company fitted windshield serves no purpose and is worthless, functionally and aesthetically.
  3. While riding I have to hunch a bit. During off-road ride, it is extremely uncomfortable to stand on the foot pegs and grab the handle bar trying to keep a straight posture.
  4. The bike needs to have better lighting system to improve visibility for riding in dark. Its absolutely made no sense to have a well powered fast bike and not have decent lights.
  5. The chain sprocket set has limited life. After 8,000 km i was told that there is an uneven wear of the chain and was recommended to change it.2015_05_23_3465

With all these issues that I was facing I wanted to improve the ergonomics of the bike. Now I know it is not a touring bike, but it was my desire to buy the KTM Adventurer 390 for my travel. The adventurer never came out after waiting for over a year, I was left with no other option but to modify the Duke to my needs.


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